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Goul du pont - Exploration à 192 mètres

mardi 25 juin 2013, par administrateur.
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Goul du pont - Exploration à 192 mètres
Une exploration au Goul du pont par -192 mètres

Par Starnawski sur vimeo Goul du pont - exploration to 192m

« short clip assembled from camera GoPro hero2 mounted on my helmet during the dive in Goul du Pont June 15, 2013.
During the eight-hour dive I reached 192m deep and put a new 37m line. New part of the cave I called "Bura gallery", It runs to the north and enables further exploration at 190m level and deeper. Expedition I prepared and conducted jointly with Joel Borrazás (spanish cave diver). On the last dive was also with us the french cave diver Karim Malamoud from Grenobl. The lower parts of the cave are very long it is why I use scooter "Diver Tug". Without scooter I did not reach bottom of this cave.
Krzysztof Strnawski

lights which I use during this dive was from Gral Marine and and camera housing for go pro was from IQsub »

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