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La décompression - HLplanner

jeudi 11 juillet 2013, par administrateur.
Mis à jour le samedi 14 septembre 2013

Article tiré du site HL planner

HLPlanner is completely FREE mixed gas decompression software utilising the VPM-B algorithm. HLPlanner’s “engine” is loosely based on Erik Baker’s Fortran 77 code, available in the public domain. The program has been entirely rewritten in C# and optimised, the core of the algorithm however remains identical and therefore produces (or at least that’s what we observed so far) closely matching results.

Main program features :

  • Easy to use and highly functional user interface
  • Support for full range of gases and profiles
  • Full support for both imperial and metric units
  • Automatic selection of gas mixes based on depth
  • Calculation of gas mix usage in bar/psi and ltr/cuft depending on cylinder size
  • Customizable level of safety
  • Professional quality printouts
  • Easy range planning with O2 bailouts for “loss of deco gas” scenarios
  • Full support for repetitive diving with no limit on the number of dives per mission
  • and more…
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